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About Troop 44

Boy Scout Troop 44 is one of the largest and most active Boy Scout troops in the region.  Our troop is located in Moorestown, New Jersey.  The troop operates as part of the Boy Scouts of America, providing a multi-faceted program for young people.  


Who Are We?

Troop 44 includes more than 30 scouts from Moorestown and surrounding communities. Membership is open to any age-eligible boy that wants to join.


What Do We Do?

We combine education and skills-building with fun, providing scouts with a variety of experiences.  These include leadership opportunitiescamping, hiking, map and compass skills, first aid and wilderness training, water sports, personal management skills and community service, among many others.  

Recent trips have included whitewater rafting, hiking, meal planning and campfire cooking, fishing, tours of historic and ecologically significant sites, canoeingskiing, cabin camping, and pioneering.


Scouts also have an opportunity to attend a week-long summer camp each summer. Each of our activities is overseen by a dedicated group of adult volunteers.

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Click here for details on how to join us.

Click here to see some photos from trips and activities. 

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